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Freedom from foot pain … it’s impossible to achieve when you’re walking around in shoes that lack proper sizing, stability and support

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We pride ourselves with tens of thousands of happy feet of our satisfied customers that we served over 25 years in business

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We are the place to go with all your custom orthotics, custom shoes and “hard to fit” needs


Suffering from tired, achy feet? Looking for freedom from foot pain?

You’ve come to the right place.

With a personalized fitting from Comfort Shoe Specialists, arch measurements are taken, feet are inspected for troublesome hammer toes, bursas and bunions, footwear recommendations are made, and much more.

Get the nitty-gritty details of all the foot-related products and services we provide: Shoes and Footwear, Custom Foot Orthotics, Custom Made Shoes, Footwear Repair & Modifications, Fitting shoes with braces, Fall prevention

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Custom Orthotics

Comfort Shoe Specialists makes some of the best custom orthotics in St. Louis. Triliam finishing Our approach to orthotics takes into account the whole foot, not just the different arches of the foot

Repair & Modification

Comfort Shoe Specialists of St. Louis has many different types of services we can perform. Comfort Shoe Specialists specializes in: Shoe repairs, Shoe lifts, Velcro repair, Resoling, Birkenstock Repair

Custom Made Shoes

Comfort Shoe Specialists of St. Louis are experts at making custom made shoes. CMS Black Pat Grif Chukka 1.14 Comfort Shoe Specialists has over 40 years experience making custom made shoes


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Edith, I just wanted to let you know that the new custom orthotics that you made for me are awesome! They fit great into my dress shoes and leave room for my fat feet. The leather bottoms are very smooth fitting into my shoes. Thanks so much! Best regards, Gary

Dear Edith, Thank you for the grand tour of your practice. You should be very proud of what you have built. I learned a great deal in our short time together. I know you have a lot happening in your life right now and I wish you all the best. Take care of yourself, learn from the process and keep your head held high.

Dear Edith I want to let you know that my new shoes (with your modifications) are great! It eliminated a discomfort I have been living with for the past 10 years. You have a customer for life! Thanks again, -Tom Dugan

Hi Edith, Sam made my shoes fit!! Here at comfort shoe. Yay!!! So happy to take the time to make my feet happy. I found a pair of Finns to take on my trip to Paris for walking all over the city. Yay!! Pretty darn happy. Sam is great–took the time, very efficient and helpful and thorough. I returned a pair of Chanel pumps I purchased as I could only wear them for 3 hours and that was including sitting for 2 1/2 of those hours. Dumb as hell spending $600 to be crippled. My feel were a mess the next day. Thanks again for this wonderful resource. You do a beautiful job as do the professional helpers here. Annie XO Dear Edith, I want to say how much I Love my Teric flip flops I got from Edith James at Comfort Shoe Specialists in St. Louis. They are super comfortable and extremely cushioned on the soles, supporting my arches. My husband and I just returned from a trip to Utah where we toured many National Parks and walked a lot! I wore these shoes for several days because they kept my feet from feeling the heat of the concrete and the gravel and small stones we sometimes had to walk on. I even hiked over and around rocky areas in them. I have now ordered another pair in a different color and have a friend who ordered a pair as well. Thank you so much to Edith for introducing these shoes to me. Oh, they are machine washable too!!! Debbie B. Dear Edith, We don’t bring my Mom, Rose Peppler for shoes often, but when we come you seem to know exactly what is right for her foot. Rose has hammertoes, and in March she had sore on her hammertoes. You recommended a Giesswien Spital, with a soft top. The shoes are perfect for Ma.May 29th we almost lost Ma to a bleeding ulcer. She is a strong women who has bounced back through physical therapy and wonderful caregivers. The therapist had us add a sole insert in the left shoe and Ma is making strides in walking, and regaining her balance. The podiatrist is happy because the sores on the hammertoes healed. The soft top gives the hammertoes space and comfort. No more sore on the hammer toes. The podiatrist asked if I was a nurse – regretfully, no. However, the family has been fortunate to find people like you to meet Rose’s needs. Trust me; it isn’t easy to find someone to help with Rose’s other needs. So thank you.Thank you for helping Rose select shoes that fit her so well. You are a blessing. You are appreciated. Carolann Yates, Daughter

I just wanted to tell you how pleased my daughter Cathy is with the two new pairs of shoes she purchased this past Saturday. She had an appointment with Michelle, and as always, Michelle had already picked some shoes that she thought would work for Cathy. Michelle has always been very helpful in finding shoes for Cathy’s hard to fit feet. She has ordered shoes for her, and keeps a close eye on the condition of her orthotics and her shoes. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate the time Michelle takes with Cathy in making sure her shoes fit properly. It took us many years to find Comfort Shoes and Michelle, and we will remain loyal customers. Thank you, Karen Schoemehl

In 1997, Comfort Shoe Specialists was a proud co-sponsor of Pat Rummerfield at the Antarctica Marathon. Pat was one of 120 world class athletes approved to participate. When Pat first came to Comfort Shoe Specialists we fitted him with New Balance 999 running shoes for working out, Mephisto walking shoes for work, and cast him for our high-quality, semi-rigid orthoses. Then we modified each of his right shoes with balance lifts. Pat requires a 5/8″ lift due to an accident several years before that left him paralyzed. He fought his way back to become an elite athlete. Pat called just a few days after we dispensed his shoes and orthoses. “I just ran for the first time in the shoes and orthoses,” he said excitedly. “They took 2 minutes off my mile and my back pain is practically gone! The lift has also stopped my toe dragging. I can barely believe the difference!” -Pat Rummerfield

Comfort Shoe Specialists

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