Our Prize Winner from our Friday drawing on 04/21/17 Lin Gallego. (Dispensed Apex Stealth Runner).
Here is her review from visiting our store.

“I visited this store yesterday and had a great experience. I was thrilled to see so many different Brands of shoes, with many attractive styles, all to correct multiple foot problems. After 4 years of wearing black, clunky athletic shoes, it was wonderful to find a variety of shoes that actually work for me. I had a 100% positive experience with Mrs. Martha Bisher, a Certified Pedorthist. My appointment went far beyond the typical measuring: she examined my orthotics, watched my gait, observed my limited range of motion, and took detailed notes about my specific problems. She is professional and very observant. What a kind and genuine person!
The other highlight of my visit was winning an in-store contest! Much to my delight, I was able to select a new pair of Apex walking shoes, all for free!!
Make sure to sign into their website to schedule an appointment AND to enter their weekly shoe giveaway –
An outstanding business with great employees!”