Anastasia Diabetes Skin Therapeutics

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Anastasia Diabetes Skin Therapeutics’ passion is to improve the lives of those living with diabetes, arthritis, and other ailments of the lower extremities and feet. Anastasia stimulates the skin’s ability to heal itself, promoting natural health. This allows for new cell growth, tissue and collagen regeneration and increased circulation for relief from discomfort and pain.

Anastasia is FDA approved neuropathy. Deeply nourishing the cellular level improves nerve function and healthy skin rejuvenation. Anastasia can also relieve Restless Leg Syndrome, and its natural anti-fungal formula fights infections, athlete’s foot and nail fungus. From exfoliating and moisturizing dry skin, cracked heels and calluses, to healing minor cuts and wounds, blisters, and corns, Anastasia is the relief you have been looking for.