Custom Foot Orthotics

Comfort Shoe Specialists makes some of the best custom foot orthotics in St. Louis area.  Our approach to orthotics takes the whole foot into account, not just the different arches of the foot.  We take a look at 34 different things, from how the angles of the heels are, to how flexible the range of motion is in your big toe.  These little things make a big difference in how we design the function your orthotics.  We have our own orthotic and shoe modification laboratory on-site.  This enables us to have very high standards in production.  If adjustments are needed, we can do it while you wait.  Custom foot orthotics usually take about two-four weeks from cast to finish, sometimes less.  We do offer a RUSH service.

Comfort Shoe Specialists has started embracing technology in the design and fabrication in foot orthotics.  Using one of the world’s best 3D Foot scanners, we utilize lasers and cameras to ensure the most accurate measurements are taken.  After the scanning is completed, our specialists fill out the order form for the orthotic to produce using a 3D printer.  This allows no waste manufacturing, most importantly because the orthotic was created using a 3D printer, it ensures that the same fit every time.

The price range for custom orthotics is generally from $295 to $535, depending on the type of orthotics and what accommodations need to be made.  Most insurance companies do not cover orthotics, but we do notice when people to file claims with us providing medial receipts that it can be applied towards your deductible.  In order for us to provide medial receipts, we must have a prescription from an MD, DPM, DC, PT, NP.

Traditional Functional Semi-Rigid Orthotics and 3D Printed Orthotics

This type of orthotic lasts anywhere from five to ten years.  General maintenance includes removing them from the shoe each night and keeping them clean from excess grime.  Replacing the top covers when worn through the top cover may be necessary, depending on how often you wear them and how hard you are on them.

Advanced Posting Functional Orthotics


These orthotics have impressions taken non-weight bearing, capturing our long arches at their highest.  We measure the calcaneus (heel bones) for degrees of valgus (leaning in) or varus (leaning out).  We then bisect the cast, we bring the calcaneus in alignment with the leg bones. These orthoses require flexibility of the calcaneus to bring in alignment. Proper alignment benefits not only foot function, but also improves joint alignment up the kinetic chain to benefit knees, hips, and backs.

Conditions:  chronic heel pain, painful flat foot, posterior tibialis tendonitis (PTTD), arch pain, chronic foot and ankle pain.

Advanced Posting Orthotics Improve Lives!

Trilaminate Orthotics

Trilaminate orthotics generally last one to two years. They are made of three layers of materials: Puff, Poron, with cork used on the bottom for posting. Trilaminates are generally used when patients have foot deformities, heavy callusing or severe pain in the ball of the foot.

Direct Mold Orthotics:

They are direct mold orthoses made of the softest density for cushion on top with the firmer density on the bottom for support.

Plastazote Orthotics

Plastazote orthotics, sometimes referred to as soft tissue supplementation.

Direct Mold EVA orthoses

Direct mold EVA orthotics this is for people who need a little firmer support than plastazote, but are still hyper sensitive or need relief right a way.

What to expect

Give all new products a chance to work. Most people report a 70% relief of their symptoms within the first 4 to 6 weeks of wearing their foot care products. However, it may take as long as you have had your symptoms to experience full relief. That’s why it’s important to get help as soon as foot problems develop.

We give you the casts of your feet. They are worth $50 toward another pair of semi-rigid or trilaminate orthoses. Direct Mold orthotics are made directly to your feet, so there are no casts.

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