Step Into Comfort Guarantee

When you buy shoes or custom orthotics from Comfort Shoe Specialists, your comfort is guaranteed or your money is returned… every penny.

If a comfort problem develops, we’ll adjust your orthotics at no extra charge for a period of sixty days following the original delivery date.

Even better… should, despite our best efforts, your orthotics prove to be unacceptable, we’ll gladly offer you a refund or replacement within 60-days from the original delivery date.

We’d love for our guarantee to be unconditional, but the following guidelines apply:

  • Our comfort guarantee is valid only for orthotics purchased with a full, personalized fitting from one of our specialists.
  • You agree to all footwear recommendations made during your fitting, which may include footwear selection, modifications and insoles.
  • Break-in guidelines and any other advice given to you during your original appointment.
  • If a problem develops, you must provide us with an opportunity to examine, adjust your orthotics and/or remake orthotics.
  • Your footwear cannot be unreasonably worn, damaged or abused.
  • Guarantee is invalid if your fit changes due to a subsequent injury or illness or progression of a pre-existing condition.
  • If you’re not 100% satisfied, you have 60-days from the original date of dispense to return your items for a full refund or exchange.

If you have any questions about our Step Into Comfort Guarantee, please contact us.

Or, schedule your personalized fitting today.