Here are a few comments we’ve received from our customers and patients.


I just wanted to let you know that the new custom orthotics that you made for me are awesome!  They fit great into my dress shoes and leave room for my fat feet.  The leather bottoms are very smooth fitting into my shoes.  Thanks so much!
Best regards,

Hi Edith, Sam made my shoes fit!! Here at comfort shoe. Yay!!! So happy to take the time to make my feet happy. I found a pair of Finns to take on my trip to Paris for walking all over the city. Yay!! Pretty darn happy. Sam is great–took the time, very efficient and helpful and thorough. I returned a pair of Chanel pumps I purchased as I could only wear them for 3 hours and that was including sitting for 2 1/2 of those hours. Dumb as hell spending $600 to be crippled. My feel were a mess the next day. Thanks again for this wonderful resource. You do a beautiful job as do the professional helpers here. Annie XO Dear Edith, I want to say how much I Love my Teric flip flops I got from Edith James at Comfort Shoe Specialists in St. Louis. They are super comfortable and extremely cushioned on the soles, supporting my arches. My husband and I just returned from a trip to Utah where we toured many National Parks and walked a lot! I wore these shoes for several days because they kept my feet from feeling the heat of the concrete and the gravel and small stones we sometimes had to walk on. I even hiked over and around rocky areas in them. I have now ordered another pair in a different color and have a friend who ordered a pair as well. Thank you so much to Edith for introducing these shoes to me. Oh, they are machine washable too!!! Debbie B. Dear Edith, We don’t bring my Mom, Rose Peppler for shoes often, but when we come you seem to know exactly what is right for her foot.  Rose has hammertoes, and in March she had sore on her hammertoes.  You recommended a Giesswien Spital, with a soft top.  The shoes are perfect for Ma.May 29th we almost lost Ma to a bleeding ulcer.  She is a strong women who has bounced back through physical therapy and wonderful caregivers.  The therapist had us add a sole insert in the left shoe and Ma is making strides in walking, and regaining her balance.  The podiatrist is happy because the sores on the hammertoes healed.  The soft top gives the hammertoes space and comfort.  No more sore on the hammer toes.  The podiatrist asked if I was a nurse – regretfully, no.  However, the family has been fortunate to find people like you to meet Rose’s needs.  Trust me; it isn’t easy to find someone to help with Rose’s other needs.  So thank you.Thank you for helping Rose select shoes that fit her so well.  You are a blessing.  You are appreciated. Carolann Yates, Daughter

I just wanted to tell you how pleased my daughter Cathy is with the two new pairs of shoes she purchased this past Saturday. She had an appointment with Michelle, and as always, Michelle had already picked some shoes that she thought would work for Cathy. Michelle has always been very helpful in finding shoes for Cathy’s hard to fit feet. She has ordered shoes for her, and keeps a close eye on the condition of her orthotics and her shoes. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate the time Michelle takes with Cathy in making sure her shoes fit properly. It took us many years to find Comfort Shoes and Michelle, and we will remain loyal customers. Thank you, Karen Schoemehl

In 1997, Comfort Shoe Specialists was a proud co-sponsor of Pat Rummerfield at the Antarctica Marathon. Pat was one of 120 world class athletes approved to participate. When Pat first came to Comfort Shoe Specialists we fitted him with New Balance 999 running shoes for working out, Mephisto walking shoes for work, and cast him for our high-quality, semi-rigid orthoses. Then we modified each of his right shoes with balance lifts. Pat requires a 5/8″ lift due to an accident several years before that left him paralyzed. He fought his way back to become an elite athlete. Pat called just a few days after we dispensed his shoes and orthoses. “I just ran for the first time in the shoes and orthoses,” he said excitedly. “They took 2 minutes off my mile and my back pain is practically gone! The lift has also stopped my toe dragging. I can barely believe the difference!” -Pat Rummerfield

Dear Martha, I have always had flat feet and over pronated but my feet rarely hurt even after long runs or walks. My feet in the last year or so started hurting after even runs of only 3-4 miles. I thought I would try some orthotics to see if that would help. You fitted me with off the shelf Birkenstock Blue Arch Supports. I have run and walked using them for a couple of months. The results so far have been very good. I have been using them in all of my shoes including my running shoes. The pain in my feet after running is basically gone. I have not done any hiking with them yet but I expect that the results will likely be equally good. Thanks: Henry

Dear Jesse

I’ve had a heel spur and plantar fasciitis for over 6 years, and have been on an ongoing quest to find good support for my feet with all their aches and pains. My ultimate goal has been to reach the end of the day and not feel like I need to spend the next million hours with my feet elevated with a bag of frozen peas on them. Well, I’ve tried many heel inserts over the years, MBT’s, and FINALLY, I found Ryn Footwear. Just last month I purchased a pair of sandals that I have not stopped wearing. Here’s what I like best: the straps are all adjustable so the sandals give me a very snug and sturdy hold around my ankles; the combination of the rocker bottom and the inner sole really soften any impact to my heel when I walk – I can even jog and not feel any pain. I’m so hooked on Ryn that I’ll never be satisfied with any other shoe again! — Deena, Brooklyn, New York

Dear Comfort Shoe Specialists Well, I tried out my new Ryn hiking boots this weekend and let me just say that my feet didn’t hurt while walking, as they sometimes do. I felt the great support for my arch that I think should be in all shoes, and this kept my feet from fatiguing. And as far as everyone complaining about getting used to the rocking motion— what are they all talking about?! The rocking motion is half the fun!! I felt more secure in these shoes than I do in many other hiking boots or sneakers I have worn. I live upstairs and have to descend wooden steps leading from my deck, and I didn’t have a problem at all. And I walked on one of the windiest days we’ve had all year!! Walking felt bouncy and fun and I really felt, in a way, like I was walking on a cloud!! No pain in my lower back or knees, like what usually happens with ordinary walking shoes! None whatsoever, and believe me, these are two problem areas for me! Louise Powell, November 3, 2010

Dear Edith

I want to let you know that my new shoes (with your modifications) are great! It eliminated a discomfort I have been living with for the past 10 years. You have a customer for life!

Thanks again, -Tom Dugan

Dear Edith, Thank you for the grand tour of your practice. You should be very proud of what you have built. I learned a great deal in our short time together. I know you have a lot happening in your life right now and I wish you all the best. Take care of yourself, learn from the process and keep your head held high.

You’re the best, -Jeffrey A. Seidman, C. Ped Chicago

Dear Edith, My orthotics are incredible! Never have my feet been so happy. I can’t remember ever being so pain-free. I’ll admit that I violated the instructions about breaking them in. Once I put them in my shoes I didn’t want to remove them, except for sleeping. I have had them on constantly since they arrived. I can’t thank you enough for suggesting them. I’ll probably drop by for a second set next time I visit St. Louis. Thanks again. -Polly Cunningham Montana

Dear Edith

Thanks for getting my new left orthotic to me in such record time before I leave for Florida. I appreciate the timing and shipping to me. Saved me a trip and I appreciate the customer service.

I am working on the comfort factor and each day it feels better.

Thanks -Kathy Green

Thank you for years of help with shoes!  The Ryn Rocker Soles are amazing for my CP! -Adrienne & Larry Columbia, MO

“Dear Edith, What a God-send the Finn ankle-top shoes have been for me! The extra toe room has proved to be a blessing and the orthotic work you did has brought much pain relief as well as greater stability when standing and walking….and they are warm! I’m most grateful for all you efforts and your consideration of my financial situation.” -Sr. Anne Marie-Society of Our Mother of Peace

“Thanks to Edith, I’m running again. She gave me the gift of running!” -Jeri G. – St. Louis, MO

“Dear Edith and Staff, We are writing to inform you that our mother passed away. She had been dealing with multiple medical challenges in addition to the arthritis, which she had for almost forty years. We would like to express our appreciation to all of you at Comfort Shoe Specialists for all that you have done to allow Mother to continue to walk and not be confined to a wheelchair. We feel that this one thing alone prolonged her life considerably. In addition, being able to walk independently gave her the freedom to do things she wanted to do and gave her a much better quality of life than she would have had otherwise. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for helping her to retain that independence and for your patience and kindness when she came for her appointments with you. Thank you again for your many years of service out family. God bless you for the work you are doing to help others.” -Family of Mary S.

No amount of wait (remember this isn’t a walk in grab a pair of shoes n walk out joint) negates the fabulous care and fit of the shoes from CSS. Make an appointment and be ready to spend one to three hours getting multiple pairs of shoes. Happy feet are only made so with a professional fit. My wife ‘made’ me go and it is the greatest investment I’ve made for my quirky feet my back. Walking is so easy now.  She encouraged one of our kids to have a fitting n now the spouse is making an appointment. Expensive? Yes? My body is worth it. True to their name they provide Comfort! Thanks to the Pharmacy Tech at St Johns Hospital for pointing us in the right direction a couple of years ago. Walt

“Jim and I would like you to accept this gift of appreciation for the special way you do your “job”. Jim Says: Edith, I sure appreciate that you know how to “kick a@@” in all 4 directions, do a beautiful job of it and stay in there until you win. I really admire your tenacity, your knowledge and your skills. This is a small token of appreciation from my feet and me. We smile whenever I put my shoes on . THANK YOU! Happy Holidays” -Jim and Judy Glynn Western Kansas

Want to say a big thanks to you for helping me on Wednesday afternoon. Remember me – Shirley – you modified my orthotics and the Theresa M. sandal – I’m the one with the goofy left foot with the toe that’s out of place/foot that’s come apart – you took out the metatarsal part and I want you to know that I WALKED the beach in Florida and thanked you each and every step – saw a gorgeous sunrise and sunset and you were thought of fondly. Thanks again – you’re the greatest. -Shirley of St. Louis

Edith made two pairs of shoes for me many years ago. They allowed me to wear dressy shoes when I have never been able to wear a dressy shoe and get around much at all.

She and all of the staff are magnificent, they know how to fit my feet which have a number of problems including high arch, wide toe box, spastic problems with my legs. The Saucony’s that I now get there work so well for me. The shoes that Comfort Shoe Specialists made are great; I receive compliments on them whenever I wear them. -Unknown

My orthotics that I wear in my Saucony’s allow me to get around easier. Without them I would not make it, my feet were swollen on the bottoms at least a quarter of an inch and I could not get around much at all before my orthotics. I thank God every time I put my shoes with my orthotics in them on, I tell people about Comfort Shoe Specialists all the time. My husband knows when it’s time to have my Orthotics checked cause he says I get cranky. My doctor and others have commented on the good quality of my orthotics, they are fabulous. -Adrienne of St. Louis, MO

You must know that you have done more than many doctors combined to help my feet! I appreciate you very much.”

-Gloria Bentzinger, Key Largo, FL

“Thank you so much for all your help; you were right, I really did love those sandals. I appreciated your expertise and care. I’ve been wearing them to go out and to drive and they feel very comfortable due to your modifications. Please thank the gentleman in the back who reinforced the heel straps, that makes a big difference. It is so nice to have somebody to trust when you have a problem.” -Doris of St. Louis, Missouri

“I was very pleased with the service and shoes I purchased today. I don’t know why it took me so long to have this experience but I will make Comfort Shoe Specialists my shoe shopping favorite.

I didn’t get to say goodbye or thank you because you were busy serving a customer. Just thought I let you know how pleased I was.”

“Thank you” -Frank of St. Louis, Missouri

“I came to your store after I had tried someone else’s orthotics. They were never comfortable & did not relieve my foot discomfort. I had 2 foot surgeries on the same foot with no relief. Your orthotics and comfortable shoes have given me some semblance of sanity since the terror of plantar fascia problems. I’m for the most part, free of pain.” -Carol Hagan – St. Louis, MO

“I want to thank you. I have suffered with cold feet for years. You can recommend the Yaleet socks to your cold feet customers. They do the job. I could feel the warmth the second I put them on!”

-Chet Bullock – La Cygne, Kansas

“I was to the point where my feet, legs and knees hurt so bad, I could not go to work. Thanks to Comfort Shoe Specialists I can make a living without being in pain.” “I used to be close to tears at the end of the day because of foot and ankle pain. I resisted wearing “sensible shoes” because I thought they would be ugly. I now wear Finn Comfort shoes almost daily and have no discomfort. To top it off I’ve had 2 compliments on my shoes in the last week. Just amazing!” -Anita Correnti – Webster Groves, MO

“I have rheumatoid arthritis severely in my hand and feet. Ecco walking shoes and Saucony athletic shoes have changed my life. My foot and ankle pain has been greatly reduced by proper shoes. My feet can’t wait to get into their shoes in the morning and I recommend Comfort Shoe Specialists to everyone I meet with foot or ankle pain. Thank you and I’ll see you for spring shoes!!” -Unknown

“I can walk twice as far as I could a week ago – before I got my custom orthotics and boots properly fit.” -Jim F. – St. Louis, MO

Greetings and Thank you!  You folks are incredible!  My shoes were delivered this afternoon and the fit is excellent!  They are also beautiful.  Call me the day before you send my resoled Finn Comfort Shoes so that I can be on the lookout.  Incredibly grateful, -Carlos M., Carbondale, Il

Edith, I recently enjoyed a long walk on the boardwalk along the Gulf here in Destin.  I wanted to say thank you for sticking with me, using your knowledge and skills in making my orthotics worked so well.  You have helped to make a difference in how I am able to enjoy our vacation! -Norma of S. St. Louis

May the world always be as beautiful for you as you make it for others!  I learned so much about my feet from you!  Many, many thanks again, -Jessica S., Mississippi

The “zillion shoe guy” extends a hearty “thank you” for your patience, perseverance, and unflagging optimism during his (my) marathon fitting session yesterday afternoon. Watching you employ your (considerable!) fitting skills was very reassuring; had I been “on my own,” I probably would have given up in despair.  But thanks to your keen observations and accurate analysis of how my feet interacted with each shoe, ultimately i departed with a comfortable, properly fitting pair.  Thank so much! -Jim N., St. Louis

Dear Comfort Shoe Specialists of St. Louis, Thank you for taking such good care of Michael, our special needs son.  Since you are the Best, I expect you would take great care of his feet.  In addition, you are all always so kind to Michael and other special people. -Al W., Creve Couer

Comfort Shoe of St. Louis, I have been coming to your store for about 1 year now.  I want to let you know how lucky you are to have such kind staff.  They are always courteous and professional.  It makes it easier for me to pay more for shoes than I ever have, plus they are ugly.  But they know what fits me and they do a great job! -Debbie F. , Chesterfield

BIG SMILE on me…Because of you and my happy feet!  Thanks so much for my pedometer!!!  I love it!  I am not close to 10,000 steps yet, but I am now aware of how to get there.  Many thanks, Edith, and know that I think of you every single day! -Joan M., Atlanta, GA

Comfort Shoe Specialists of Des Peres, Thanks!  For your kindness in fixing my purse while I waited when you were busy on another project, knowing I was leaving town.  Much appreciation and thanks, -Diana B., Olivette

Edith, Thanks so much for honoring that payment.  It was noble & shows such nice integrity.  It was great to see you and I appreciate your professionalism and skills.  Be well, -Dr. Martin O., San Francisco

I am unable to thank you enough on the great job you did on my New Balance 1600’s lift.  Signed, The Chief -Paul G., Woodbridge, VA

Dear Edith, Just a note to thank you for the time you spent with me.  I cannot believe the difference in my legs and feet. I have barely had the shoes off-they make such a difference.  The clogs are great also! I am going to order another pair of Finn Comforts after the holidays: either a tan or wine to wear with khakis. -Barb D., RN, Maryland

I want to say how much I Love my Teric flip flops I got from Edith James at Comfort Shoe Specialists in St. Louis. They are super comfortable and extremely cushioned on the soles, supporting my arches. My husband and I just returned from a trip to Utah where we toured many National Parks and walked a lot! I wore these shoes for several days because they kept my feet from feeling the heat of the concrete and the gravel and small stones we sometimes had to walk on. I even hiked over and around rocky areas in them. I have now ordered another pair in a different color and have a friend who ordered a pair as well. Thank you so much to Edith for introducing these shoes to me. Oh, they are machine washable too!!!