What to Expect

Comfort Shoe Specialists provides full service from our own on-site custom orthotic and shoe modification laboratory.

When you arrive, please sign in, and one of our Certified Pedorthists or Specialists will assist you. While we allow walk-ins, for the best possible service, we recommend making appointments. To set up an appointment, please call (314) 822-3300.

We also recommend bringing in your everyday shoes and socks and any modifiers you may use, as this will help us better assist you.

Our Certified Pedorthists and Specialists will provide an evaluation to identity and assess any concerns and or pains you may be experiencing. We will also assess any biomechanics in order to best service you. We then inform and explain what your biomechanical deficiencies and assets may be and what we can do.  If footwear is needed, we will determine your proper shoe size which varies by brand and style. We suggest you allow an hour for the full evaluation and assessment, which is valued at $30/hour.

With 1,000’s of shoes and solutions available, we can often have you up and running the same day. However, sometimes we need to customize orthotics made to mold to your feet, which requires a prescription. You may also require therapeutic footwear, and/or potentially make alterations on your footwear. Some may be able to be completed the same day, and others may take a few days to complete. In these cases, we will provide the estimated time of delivery and call when they are complete.

Your experience at Comfort Shoe Specialists will be like no other shoe shopping experience you’ve ever had.  It will change the way you look at your shoe needs for the rest of your life.